About Anixety Toolkit

The first ever Anxiety Toolkit was created by registered dietitian & anxiety coach Taylor, commonly known as @health_anxiety on instagram. During Taylor's struggle with anxiety she was told by many doctors & therapist to create a "anxiety toolkit" to keep at home or on in her purse to help distract & calm her during times of panic. An anxiety toolkit is a box you can go to when anxious or stressed & find relief. All of the products in the box can be carried a long with you in your purse or backpack on the go. In your toolkit are all things to help calm you naturally. All products were hand selected and studied to calm the mind and give the mind a distraction to escape a panic or anxious state of mind. Taylor made one of these for herself during her anxiety days but had to scope out each product individually to be effective and decided that needs to change! Here you can get your own individualized Anxiety Toolkit all together and for a cheaper price than buying everything individually! You can buy one of the three Anxiety Toolkits, add on extra items that would benefit you individually or create your own  or choose to buy the quarterly subscription that ships you a new box of products 4 times a year. Every Anxiety Toolkit comes with an opportunity to join the Anxiety Support group message. Reach out for any extra information or questions! 

How It Works


Choose between the Bronze Toolkit, Gold Toolkit, or Platinum + CBD ToolKit or customize your own


Choose to purchase the Quarterly Anxiety Toolkit that will be shipped to you 4 times a year full of anxiety calming products 


Once you have selected your Anxiety Toolkit add on the items that would most benefit you. These items are found in the right column. Since we are all different we all benefit from different products, choose the best fitting products for you and add them to your anxiety fighting kit. 


Once you have finalized your perfect Anxiety fighting Toolkit then check out. Your Anxiety Toolkit will be individually packed with the items you selected and then shipped to your doorstep. Once you receive your toolkit open and feel the inner peace of your new safe place.